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Honglin Li is a registered architect in California and New York, practicing in the United States, Europe, and China. He is working across the fields of architecture, industrial design, graphic design, and furniture, particularly projects which combine these in new and unexpected ways.

He previously worked for a broad range of world-renowned firms in different countries, including SOM in San Francisco, California; OMA in Rotterdam, Netherlands; EFFEKT in Copenhagen, Denmark; DLR Group in Cleveland, Ohio; Metrogramma in Milan, Italy; and Fabbricanove in Florence, Italy.

Honglin studied architecture at Kent State University in 2015, graduating as the top student. He was then awarded a scholarship to attend the University of California, Berkeley, completing his studies in 2019 and profiled as one of the best graduating architecture students that year.

Honglin’s practice explores how material and social innovations can fundamentally alter how people experience and shape their environment, realized through rigorously detailed and delivered outputs. His works have been recognized and exhibited worldwide and featured in national and international press and design journals.


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