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Atlantic Beach Boardwalk

Type: Competition - Honorable Mention
Project: Public Beach Boardwalk
Location: Atlantic Beach City, NC
Date: Jan, 2022


The primary goal of this proposal is to protect the city against sea rising levels while enhancing social city life, bringing more vitality to the local area. The design proposal of Atlantic beach boardwalk design is based on three elements: Protecting the flood area by building a new continuous resiliency barrier and connections to the sea dike on west and east, connecting the promenade to the city center and other urban areas via new boardwalk and path systems, and developing a new climate walk as a new urban space with different cultural and social activities. The widened boardwalk represents a new idea for not only protective barriers for rising seawater but also combined with the development of a new multifunctional urban space, it aims to transform the waterfront into a vibrant and diverse urban living room for the people in Atlantic Beach and nearby neighborhoods, and attract more visitors all around the world.


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