Type: Competition project with OMA
Program: Museum, Gallery
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Date: Feb. 2018

Design is typically about addition. Something is needed; design translates the need into a new shape. Elimination is underestimated as a design strategy.


We propose to make elimination the essence of our Brussels / Citroen project.

Latent in the current overabundance of structures and spaces are the new institutions that could complete Brussel’s cultural repertoire. But the existing factory – designed for a linear process, not two identifyable entities – is too large, too repetitive and to undifferentiated to work. We propose a sequence of three crucial eliminations:

First, we divide the factory in two parts to create a direct open-air connection between the water and the park. This open-air corridor serves as public playground, exhibition area and social park. It defines, to the east, a museum square around a central, double height exhibition atrium. The second elimination creates a direct connection from the showroom to the museum, at right angles to the first. It is a public concourse that also accomodates the library. The first cut is dedicated to urban pleasure, the second to urban knowledge. The third, final elimination empties the showroom, apart from the ‘attic,’ to create a Brussels ‘Salon’ – an urban event space equipped for any kind of performance or assembly.


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