Quiver Tree Safari Lodge

Type: Competition - Shortlisted
Program: Safari Lodge
Location: Limpopo, South Africa
Date: Dec. 2021

This safari lodge in Limpopo, South Africa is a 54 meter square, all-inclusive, durable, temporary guest room structure. The unique shape of the lodge showcases a recognizable, and appealing aesthetic within its landscape context, while curating a dynamic spatial experience. The iconic roof shape controls passive solar gain with a sustainable mind. Wood is selected as the primary framing material for its durability, ease in manufacturing, and simplicity with on-site assembly or partial off-site prefabrication. A wall of operable swing glass doors can open completely to the outdoors with 90-degree glass swinging doors. This design maximizes natural ventilation, while introducing a seamless indoor-outdoor transition to allow guests to be fully immersed in nature, and incorporate the breathtaking landscape into the day-to-day guest experience. The program layout is efficient and flexible, consolidating service and utility spaces on one side, and leaving the rest of the lodge as open-plan area for living and sleeping. The raised decking minimizes the environmental impact and ecological footprint on the site, while making dissembling and relocation of the structure easy. 

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