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The Filtration Skyscraper Exhibition

Type: Exhibition
Status: On-going

Location: Germany
Date: Mar. 2024 - Mar.2028

The Filtration Skyscraper is an innovative waste management and waste-to-energy power plant megastructure incorporating modularized prefabricated components. It comprises multiple Material Recovery Facilities and Water Treatment Plants designed to tackle the global issue of floating garbage continents and purify seawater worldwide. This groundbreaking innovation not only ensures self-sustainability but also plays a vital role in resolving the imminent world energy crisis. By providing a sustainable and regenerative solution to floating waste, The Filtration Skyscraper offers a unique opportunity to rebuild the delicate relationship between nature and humanity.

Since its inception in 2019, The Filtration Skyscraper has garnered significant attention and support worldwide, earning extensive media coverage. The project is currently progressing through a series of rigorous research and feasibility studies, bringing together a diverse group of experts, including architects, engineers, contractors, and consultants. Collaboratively, they are working towards the realization of this ambitious endeavor.

The Filtration Skyscraper will be showcased in the Vitra Design Museum, where visitors can learn about the latest research and design. It will also travel across Europe in 2024 for a rotating exhibition, providing an opportunity for more people to see and engage with the project.

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