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Jiaxing Cultural Axis
Pedestrian Bridge

Type: Competition - Finalist
Collaborator: Matt Turlock
Project: Pedestrian Bridge
Location: Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China
Date: May, 2022

The Jiaxing Bridge stands to be an iconic bridge for Jiaxing Ancient City, extending the city’s striking cultural axis across to Haogu Tower and connecting the historic town and South Lake. The site is steeped in history, from adjacent stone bridges, architecture along the grand canal, and the aforementioned Haogu Tower. In parallel, the district stands as a site for a contemporary development, integrating modernity and preemptively building for the future. Thus, it is of paramount importance that the proposed bridge strengthens the cultural corridor, promotes connectivity between historical districts, responds to the ancient history of the site while providing a contemporary structure, and promotes sustainable practices looking forward to a climate-conscious future. 
This bridge is here proposed to directly extend the Ancient City Central Cultural Axis, launching from the north bank of the Huancheng River and landing in front of Haogu Tower, promoting a direct and uninterrupted line of sight to the tower. This crossing celebrates the cultural axis, while providing a strong, historic terminus to the corridor.

Site Analysis Axo Small-01.jpg
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