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Stockholm Wood Workshop

Type: Competition - Shortlisted 
Collaborator: Chenyu Huang, Zhaoxuan Wang
Project: Wood Workshop  
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Year: 2019

The project concept is an architectural celebration to the culture of Stockholm wood industry, as well as craftsmanship in glass and metal making. The project, in addition to demonstrating the city’s hereditary craftsmanship and architectural legacy, is aiming to become one of the most popular tourist destinations, for those interested in exploring Stockholm’s crafting art, and for those who seeks to advance to next level of craftsmanship in a professional workshop. 

The formal operation of the project starts by defining three essential program in the project – Production, Education and Exposition. Deriving from the overlapping of these essential programmatic volume, the project generates new transition spaces that tie the whole building together, while providing opportunities for public engagement in both people-to-people and people-to-culture relationship. The project’s response to Stockholm’s historical and urban context is reflected in program, materiality, and form. In an urban setting, the project articulates its facade in response to intersection of multiple major streets on site, allowing the public to interpret the project from different angles, as if looking at a crafting art piece in the historical urban setting.

The project celebrates three essential programmatic division by integrating them into formal and spatial logic.Circulation between programmatic volumes allows visitors to see and to be seen by other visitors. It is a promenade for visitors to experience spatial transition between Production, Education and Exposition, and look out toward beautiful urban fabric and coastal view.


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